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What are the naming guidelines with the ARBA?

If you register a dog with the American Rare Breed Assocation, are you forced to incorporate the name of the breeder who sold you the dog? Like if they were named "Jupiter's Dog Factory", and you wanted to name the dog Spot, would you have to name it "Jupiter's Spot", or something like that?

What are the naming guidelines with the ARBA?
I have never heard of the registry so don't know what requirements there would be for naming one, but I would think you would be able to name it what you want. I know with some AKC dogs, the owner will stipulate that all their pups must carry part of their name.
Reply:With AKC you don't have to (and you actually have to have permission of the kennel owner if they are an AKC recognized kennel), but I am not sure with ARBA. I would contact ARBA (link provided) and ask them, or you could also try the breeder.

Name the property of real numbers illustrated below. Be specific with the naming (include “of addition” or

Name the property of real numbers illustrated below. Be specific with the naming (include “of addition” or “of multiplication,” if applicable).

(-9)(8) = (8)(-9)

I never did this before so Im guessing

(-9) would be a higher value=-negative 9? base on the real number line- I have no clue ?

Name the property of real numbers illustrated below. Be specific with the naming (include “of addition” or
This is called the "Commutative property of multiplication".

You can remember this because

1)it is multiplication

2) when you commute, you go from home to work and then work to home. When you look at the problem it looks like home to work=work to home.

All this property is saying is that you can change the order of the numbers when you multiply and it doesn't change the outcome. -9 time 8 is the same thing as 8 times -9.

The same is true when we commute to work. The distance is the same even though we have chaned the direction in which we are traveling.

I hope that helps you remember. If you would like clues to help you remember the other properties, just ask.
Reply:Commutative Property of Multiplaction

It means you can rearrange the terms and the answer will remain the same.


A x B = B x A

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Is there a law on having to have to use either the mothers or fathers lastname when naming a newborn?

For example: Mothers lastname is Jones and the Fathers lastname is Smith; but the Mother wanted to use the lastname Johnson for her newborn baby, but Johnson has no ties to either both hers or his name. Is there a law on having to have either the mothers or fathers lastname given to a newborn?

Is there a law on having to have to use either the mothers or fathers lastname when naming a newborn?
It probably depends on the state. But in mine, you can name it whatever you want - unless its crude - or something like "God"
Reply:not in the uk anyway. if ur in the states its probally different.
Reply:Why woulnd't someone want to share the last name with their child? I think it's a bad idea to pick a random last name
Reply:You can name it what ever you want if it's the first or last name but you can't pick it's last because usually it's supposed to have it's dad's last name.
Reply:you can put anything you want on the birth certificate.
Reply:Not at all. You can put whatever surname you want on the birth certificate.
Reply:nope. no law. at least not in minnesota. my friend gave her son her grandmother's maiden name for a last name
Reply:i would think so yes

When naming your child would you rather give them a common name or a very different or shall I say unique name

Im just wondering I personally dont care for all these wierd names Ive been hearing lately Its crazy what do you think?? Give your opinions thanks

When naming your child would you rather give them a common name or a very different or shall I say unique name
I like common names, personally because it's just easier for the child to grow up without being asked how to pronounce or spell it all their lives. It's possible to have a nice sounding name that's easy to say and spell without it being over the top.

Not to say that everyone should be naming their children, Bob and Joan, but there alot of nice common names out there that aren't too boring.
Reply:I'd like my child to have a name they won't run into on a daily basis. I'm sure there's about 3 Emily's or Hannah's in every class. I'd rather give my child a name that isn't on the top 10 or even the top 100 list.
Reply:Each one of my children have names that just seemed to fit them "in my eyes". My children names are:

Desiree (she is my first child and I "desired" her very much)

Danielle (I could not put down the book "Thurston's House" by DANIELLE Steele during my pregnancy I read it 3 1/2 times)

Khalil (because he was my first SURVIVING son and the name means "bright son")

Kevin (because he absolutely turned to look towards me when I said "Hi Kevin")

But then I named my granddaughter an UNIQUE name. I named her Miracle Danielle Khaleijua (because she is a miracle %26amp; her middle names represents a part of everyone in her immediate familial clique!!

But now it is no longer unique!! In her clinic there are now 6 Miracle's and 1 Khaleijua ~ all younger than her!!! LOL

So I think I prefer traditional names spiced up a little with uniqueness!!! Like instead of the naming her the traditional "Milagros/Milagras" I named my granddaughter it's English version "Miracle" and people melt over her name!!! And I simply put her aunt's name Danielle, followed by a combination of her uncle Khalil (Kha), her granddad Lei (lei) and her uncle Kevin's middle name Juan (jua) = Khaleijua

Her name means something to her!!
Reply:I dont prefer a certain group of names. I like names because of their flow and sound, not because of their origin or meaning.

Common names i like are Andrew, Blake, Georgia, Jessica and David.

My sons name is Kai, and we chose it because we loved it! Thats the only reason. We didnt do it to make him "unique", and as it turns out, we now know of 6 Kai's!!!

I really don't like it when people put down others for choosing different names, each to their own.
Reply:I was so glad growing up that I was not one of three Jen's or four Melissa's... or that I didn't have to make up a creative nickname to differentiate me from the others in the class with the same name.

I loved having a different name.

I plan on giving my children unique or uncommon names... however some of these new created names are just bizarre... as a teacher there are some that are just dumb.

What I do think is a bad idea are these "unique" spellings... taking a fairly common name like Kailey and having twelve ways to spell it.... the teacher always mispronounces it and it's always mispelled. Spelling something differently doesn't make the name unique, it still sounds the same.
Reply:I feel sorry for the kids that get the weird names as they are likely to be teased in school. Don't these parents ever think of that? or are they too busy trying to act like the celebrities?
Reply:I have a very common name - John - and I always hated it. BUT - in the age of the google, I reaaaly appreciate not being easily googlable.

There are plenty of really great, solid, common names out there - I'd go for common.
Reply:TO EACH hIS oWN.

weird would depend on your background.What may be weird to one, is great to theother. It depends on theindividual family. By all means do not name your own child a name you consider unacceptable, and respect those who name their children names that are pleasing to them.iF YOU GO THROUGH THE LABOR AND DELIVER THE CHILD, YOU GAIN THE RIGHT TO NAME HIM/HER.(Sorry caps not intended)
Reply:I gave my kids names I liked some are popular some aren't.

My girls are Jorden Rae %26amp; Emily Ann my boys are Dustin Michael - Thomas and Christopher Joseph.

My uncle has some origional names for his kids. Two of his daughters are Shanlyn and Chazlee. one boy is Sterling. I have always loved the two girls names different yet they sound really good.

One of my cousins has three kids two daughters and one son. They are the girls, Rain %26amp; Shade the boy is Gray winter sky or something like that they call him Gray. They wanted to name the third child River if it was a boy or a girl but changed their mind because the name wouldn't go with their last name.
Reply:I don't like the idea of naming a kid any of the "top 10 most popular names", but some of the names are getting a little "out there".

Naming kids nick-names is also wrong.

Example: If you like the name Kate, name her Kathrine so she can have more of a choice when she becomes, say, a Judge or a Doctor.
Reply:I think there's a happy medium.

Some unusual choices are still familiar and easy to pronounce. Older names like Silas, India, Jonah, Harriet, Claudia and hey ... Verity are often choices that are seldom heard but still comfortable. Some noun names - Journey, Story, Ever - and nature names - Bay, Ocean, Ruby - can be interesting and not too confusing, either. And while some Saints' names are obscure - Becan, Endellion, Leocadia - IMHO, if it's a Saint's name, it's fair game.

I do think that kreeatif spellings are a mistake. Emmeleigh is still Emily - a constant Top 10 name for the past decade. And Ryleigh, Maicee and so on are perfectly reasonable names that have been trashed.

Many names of recent coinage are also a little awkward. Yes, all names were invented at some point. But they were invented by talents like Shakespeare, and the authors of the Bible. Few of us can boast such literary can-do, and are best to stick with the myriad options provided by others.

I think it's nice to choose something that every kid in their class will have. The world really doesn't need another Emma.
Reply:it could be unique but nothing like shakita or taquita? cause it's ghetto and hood. exspecially if you dont live in the ghetto or hood
Reply:It is your wish
Reply:people dont like "original"names! You will have a bullied child who then has a crappy life beause they are never treated right
Reply:I like something common but not too common but not too wierd either.
Reply:personally i like older names that dont get used so often now, i dont like silly names, but i suppose the middle name if silly isnt so bad at least it doesnt get used as often. i feel sorry for some children, what were their parents thinking lol
Reply:I hate most of the trendy and really popular names, so I try for something more unique. I agree with you though. I hate those weird names too. What is with people naming their girl Nevaeh and their boy Jayden?! Those are HORRIBLE!!! Jayden and Nevaeh are not unique anymore. They're boring and just plain stupid.
Reply:You mentioned you like some unique names like Ava and Chloe???? Where do you get the idea either one of them is unique???

I just like names that are under the radar... nothing odd, nothing spelled weird, just not used to death. I'll always like the different names better than I'll ever care for Emily or Jake or Samantha....
Reply:I would pick somewhere in the middle - not super cmmon, but not smething off the wall either. And nothing with a wierd speling - enough with that!
Reply:I prefer unusual classic names, like Daphne and Theodore. They're familiar, but not overused at all. Also, Chloe and Jazlynn and Ava aren't unique. Chloe is a classic Greek name. Pretty, but not that uncommon. Jazlynn is also pretty common, but it's just made up and trendy. Ava is in the top ten! That said, I would prefer to hear Ava or Chloe than Jazlynn, simply because they have history behind them. I would prefer to hear a old-fashioned name on a child like Eleanor or Thomas than something like Shakoya or Trezarvious.
Reply:I went for different with my kids....Sierra and Cade....however now that I named them that I see a lot more kids with those names.
Reply:I don't want my kids to go to school and have several others in their class all with the same name as my child. Therefore I picked names which are uncommon but not unusual. Both my kids have surnames as first names. However I don't like weird names like Peaches Honeyblossom etc.
Reply:Unique names are great just as long as they don't sound funny. Wait until you have the child in your arms and then see what name suits it.
Reply:You can give them a unique name, which won't be unique child's name was unique when I gave it to her 23 years ago, and now it's considered rather common.

Stick with what YOU like, and what you think is appropriate for your child.
Reply:My kids are Joshua, Phoebe %26amp; Chloe. Not out there and not extremely common. (so far they don't have another kid in their classes with the same name).

Growing up I had a friend called Ria, (pronounced Rhy-ah) she always had to spell it and was always being mispronounced as Ree-ah it drove her insane.

I got caught out with the girls birthday party invitations. I knew all the kids names so wrote out the invites with "normal" spelling. I got several kids names wrong. Ashleigh (ashlea) Bailey (bayley) etc...
Reply:I prefer unusual names over boring popular names.
Reply:I think its personal choice but in saying that, I like it when someone names their baby something different. I don't like strange names like Tigerlily or anything but something not in the top 10. I'm from Australia and Chloe is in the top 10 for 2007.
Reply:Unique. But it depends...I have heard A LOT of interesting names...Someone named their kids Heaven and Star. lol I really like the name Trine though...(its mine. lol)
Reply:I love both unique and common name I already have name picked out for my kids both male and female and there both unique and common but the only problem with unique names is that some are just to unique and weird
Reply:I don't like names that are too plain but i also can't stand some of the really far out ones.
Reply:A memorable name, is not a common name :)

I personally think, that a different name is well remembered as opose to a normal name. Surely most people have normal names, but honestly how many John's do people meet in a lifetime? i've met at least 6, a unique name is beautiful.

Not only that, but think about what makes celebrities memorable? it's usually their names, and how unique they are. They don't have to be uncommon names, but a bit rare. I think a memorable name, is well appreciate it and complimented :)

So when are the Iraqis going to be naming that Grand Central Square in Baghdad after President Bush? Paul Wolfowitz predicted?

And if you believed him,while we're on the subject...

When is the Vietnamese government going to get around to putting a Lyndon Johnson Square and Richard Nixon Blvd. in Hanoi?

And when is the Japanese government going to get around to putting a Harry Truman Street in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Are these all still in the planning phase?

So when are the Iraqis going to be naming that Grand Central Square in Baghdad after President Bush?
GREAT IDEA!!! I hope they do that soon!

Have you ever liked a name for your future child that you ended up naming a family pet?

Have you ever liked a name for your future child that you ended up naming a family pet? I have done this twice. Once for my cat then again when I adopted my second dog. They are family so it's great. I talk to them like my babies anyway.

Have you ever liked a name for your future child that you ended up naming a family pet?
i have tons of favorite names that i never used for babies. i have 4 kids.

i have 4 dogs, among other pets. i tend to use my favorite names that my hubby didn't agree on for our children to use for pet names.

some of my favs that i am saving are:



and William

my youngest son was almost a Lucas, but my hubby really hated it. i put up a good fight till we finally compromised.

i can even see the breed of dog that would match these names LOL

Lucas would be for a Bichon Frise

Henry would be for a Pug

and William for an English Bulldog.

I'm nuts i know! but I'm done having babies, so making lists of pet names is my new favorite thing to do. LOL
Reply:Yes, my husband and I named our first pup Sophie, which is a name I had always liked. Then we adopted another pup that was already named Sampson (but we call him Sammy) which is another name I had considered. But the names fit our pups well, so its not so bad.
Reply:If I was having a girl I wanted to name her Emily Claire. When I found out I was having a boy, I adopted a black lab and named her Emma.
Reply:We have a dog called Tia who we call Tea.. We want to name our baby Teagan..
Reply:No but funny because my mother has 9 dogs and 5 rabbits and I told her she couldn't use the following name because I want those names for my kids... we had to reserve them so they won't be used as pet names.
Reply:no, but my brother and his wife were talking about baby names before they had a daughter and liked the name jasmine, but got a dog shortly after and named the dog that instead. when they did get a daughter they named her selena
Reply:I've had the same favourite girls name for the past seven years. I recently named a new pet it but would still consider using this name on a future child
Reply:Yes....Kind of....I am 43 and WON'T have have a son, Justin Karl (25) and a daughter, Kaylee Ann Lacy (14)....I love the name Lexi so I named one of my dogs that....
Reply:Yes, I named my cat Emma, and found I was pregnant 4 months later.

I had a son luckily, but was devastated I wouldn't be able to use my favorite name!!!
Reply:Yes, my husband and I named our dog Titus which is a family name on my side..we had talked about naming a future (human) child that..but now it's taken :-)
Reply:Yes! I name my pets names that I love, but can't picture naming a child. Roxie is my dog right now. I love the name Roxie, but can't imagine a successful adult named that. Other names that are on the 'pet list' include Boudicca, Orion, Happens, and Zodiac.

ETA: I used to love the name Makenna, but I made the mistake of mentioning it to my mother, who promptly turned around and named her dog that.
Reply:No. The names I like for dogs are different than the names I like for kids. For example, my dogs are Toby and Lexi and my kids are Sierra and Cade. I would never pick Toby or Lexi for my child's name, but I love it for my pets.

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What is your opinion on naming a baby boy Atreyu? And what comes to mind when you hear that name?

If my fiance` and I have a baby boy we are going to name it Atreyu after the character in The Never Ending Story, NOT the band. I just want to hear some other peoples opinions?

What is your opinion on naming a baby boy Atreyu? And what comes to mind when you hear that name?
I love the name and first thought when I heard it was the movie. Definitly a good name for a boy that will one day be a man.
Reply:I wouldn't do it. It is a little too out there for me. Sounds more like a noise you make when you sneeze than a name for a baby!!!! Sorry!
Reply:That's GREAT! For me, Atreyu is a pretty heroic (and handsome, as I picture him) so it's a great name. PLUS! It dosen't sound bad, and its unique. Just don't change the name to "bastian balthazar bux" anytime soon... and just hope that the child wouldn't become a greenskin (you know, the olive skin and blue hair people...aka Atreyu's nationality...)
Reply:Use it as a middle name not a first name... Children are cruel by nature and with a name like Atreyu you will be painting a huge target on your child...

Think of all the jokes and such you can an imagine those being said to your child by his peers.... Now doesn't a more common first name to go with Atreyu as a middle name sound good???
Reply:The first thing that I thought of was the neverending story. But listen, it is totally up to you. Every name has something tied to it. One of mine is named Mary- so people love to sing to her "Mary had a little lamb" and of course "Mary Mary quite contrary" fits her perfectly. You name your baby what is in your heart.
Reply:I think it's a unique name. I personally like it as a middle name though. I don't know why it struck me that it'd be good if it has a beginning and the end (I know it's totally against the never ending story idea).

What comes to my mind was some fantasy science fiction kind of creature like dragon or unicorn.
Reply:I think that it is a unique name. If you dont want your kid growing up with everyone around him having the same name, your are chosing the right one. When I first saw the name I thought of "The Neverending Story"?
Reply:Having seen the movie a thousand times I immediately thought of that. It is not a bad name or anything, but there will be few ways to change it up a bit. For example Robert, Rob, Bob, Bobby. Well I guess there is Trey? Just something to think about. Hubby and I are expecting a boy too and we changed our minds a bunch of times when we realized some of the names we liked did not have many options. Dont listen to people saying your kid will hate you for it. Everyones name is teasable to a certain extent. If both of you like the name then go for it. Think of some of the names celebrities are naming their kids. Coco? Apple? Give me a break. I would rather be named Atreyu then Apple any day.
Reply:I don't like the name... can't quite figure out what it says to me... except it screams: "strange, made up, weird". Unless he'll be surrounded by others with the same kinda theme... I wouldn't subject him to it. He'll have a hell of a time getting people to pronounce it correctly... let alone spell it off the top of their heads. Unless you were a celebrity, artist, or on the Forbes richest people, you'll just be looked upon as being weird.

I'm not being mean... just expressing my opinion.
Reply:I like it. I think it's nice. It brings back those childhood memories of watching The Neverending Story. He might be teased in school, though. Little kids can be mean. My fiance and I want to name our baby, if it's a boy, Anakin. We can already see that he would be called Darth, but we decided to give him a middle name that is more common so he can either go by it or shorten his name to just initials, like A.J. Do what you think is right, but I really like the name Atreyu.
Reply:Do you really want your child to grow up and hate you??? Might be good for a middle name though.
Reply:Don't do it!

Why do people insist on having original names for their kids?

I can remember being a kid and being upset that nothing had my name on it. My brother and sister had liscense plates on their bikes. I couldn't have one because they don't make my name. I never got the pencils with my name on them. It seems crazy to be upset about that but when you are a kid thats important stuff. Before I had my son I made sure I could buy a liscense plate with his name on it. I wasn't having my kid go through that.

I just read an article in the paper about people with different names having a hard time getting a job. That could be true. I was the person that read resumes at my job. If I couldn't pronounce the name I wasn't calling for an interview. Sure they may have been plenty of qualified but there was always someone that had a easier name.
Reply:even before i finished reading you question i thought about the neverending is cute but i would try a different spelling the name today are killing the english language lol in 50 years from now we are going to have all the middle ager that have weird spelling names lol
Reply:The movie was the first thing i thought of.

I kinda like it :)

I think it is one of those name that kinda grows on you

Reply:I like the name because it's different. The first thing that came to my mind was the movie "Over Board" with Kert Russell and Goldie Hawn. The "Never Ending Story" was next. I think that something like Atreyu James, and call him A.J. If you don't like this then maybe you could use Atreyu as his middle name. You need to try it with the last name he is going to have to see how it really sounds. Ether way I really do like the name.
Reply:Well the band named themselves after the character so it would in an indirect way would be naming him after the band.
Reply:Please think of another name. Your son will thank you for it later.
Reply:As a child of the '80's I immediately thought of the movie.
Reply:Why doesn't anyone name their children normally anymore????

That is a ridiculous name and your child will be constantly asked how to spell it, pronounce it and what it means.

Please don't inflict that name on your beautiful baby boy!
Reply:Ah, NO! All I think of is the big fuzzy white dragon/dog thing!

Not the child who had a brave heart!

Then I put the voice of the dog from the 60"s religious show, Davie and Goliath, I put Goliath's voice in my head, added to the picture of the Dragon Dog/NO!

YES, I LOVED the movie and now with my 8 and 6 and new born grandson will sit and watch it over and over, along with Shrek, and Short Circuit, and Fern Gully, But no, I would not name my child that name.
Reply:I don't care for it, it sounds like a sneeze.
Reply:I think it's very, very cheesy and tacky.
Reply:As soon as I read the name I thought of the Never Ending Story!! I loved that movie....I think it's a great name and people can always call him Trey for short or as a nickname. When I picked my boys' names I looked for names that could have nicknames. My oldest is Danny Jr, we call him DJ. My middle is James and we call him Jamesy. My youngest is Johnathan and we call him John John. They love it because they have school names and at home names.
Reply:I immediately thought of The Never Ending Story, before I even read further than the name. I think it's a wonderful name, but my fiance would never go for it. We named our boy Eian.
Reply:Its a unique name. It really shouldn't matter what other people think of the name as long as you are happy with it. I named my daughter Makeela which is a combo of 2 names. I wanted a name that everyone else wouldn't have when she starts going to school.
Reply:I feel sorry for your kid. He / She didn't have any choice in having some inconsiderate wackos for parents.
Reply:I love that name!!! It reminds me of the band
Reply:I doubt he would ever forgive you. It'd be like the boy named Sue - get tough or die.
Reply:4 some reason, I think of an Anime character with crazy hair
Reply:First thing that comes to mind is.... I'm up a tree! You? That said I loved the neverending story as a child and still love it now. I always say when naming a child, think of something that is a reflection of you. Example one of my daughter's names is Devin Melody Star Melody for my love of music and Star because you should always dream as high as the stars. If this is a special thing to you, then do it!
Reply:I think that is a different and unique won't have to worry about him going by "Atreyu S." in school...I doubt you will find anyone else by that name. I it if you and your man like that name. Forget about what other people think. The real test is to go outside and yell the name real loud 3 times. That's how you will know if you like the sound of it. I think of Atreyu the warrior..of the Plains People..from "Neverending Story"...when I hear it...and also I think of a child with a strong will and a never-give-up attitude with strength to match. Have you come up with a middle name yet?? You might want to see how that would sound with it.... Happy parenting....